Thursday, November 20, 2008

Critical Stage Drought nearly upon us

Drought Status: Alarm

Current drought trigger levels:
Barton Springs = 20.4 cfs (10-day avg)
Lovelady Well = 191.8 feet

Critical Stage Drought is nearly upon us. This hydrologic drought is directly the result of the past 14 months of predominantly below average rainfall. Without any substantial and sustained rains before the next Board meeting (December 11), the aquifer conditions will indicate Critical Stage Drought, and the Board will likely make an official declaration.

Alarm Stage Drought requires a reduction of 20% of normal monthly water usage by permit holders. Critical Stage drought will require a reduction of 30%. We further ask all who use groundwater to conserve water to help maintain water levels and springflow.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Jacob's Well (spring) stops flowing

Jacob’s Well Stops Flowing

This drought is not just limited to the Barton Springs Aquifer. Recently a press release was issued from Wimberley stating that the spring called Jacob's Well stopped flowing for only the second time in recorded history. This spring issues from the Trinity Aquifer within the Texas Hill Country and indicates that those resources are also under severe stress due to the drought.
The Climate Prediction Center (NOAA) has indicated that we are El Nino/La Nina neutral conditions, but that lingering La Nina atmospheric signals in the atmosphere may be contributing to our drier than normal conditions.