Thursday, January 30, 2014

Sleet has no Effect on Drought Trigger Sites

No Drought
Barton Springs: 69 cfs (10-day average)
Lovelady monitor well: 491.88

Despite the disruptions it caused in the area, the freezing rain we received this week only amounted to less than 1/10 of an inch according to the District weather station, bringing January's total precipitation to 0.4 inches, well short of the historic monthly average of 2.00 inches. It appears that Lovelady water level may have reached it's peak in the last week after having been on the rise since September of last year and could now be descending, however it is still too early to say for certain.

Below see a hydrograph of Lovelady spanning from the previous peak in water level in the summer of 2012, through the beginning and end of the last drought, and into current conditions.

For real-time hydrograph at Barton Springs click here.
For real-time hydrograph of Lovelady mintor well click here

Thursday, January 23, 2014

Below Average Rain Continues

No Drought
Barton Springs: 69 cfs 10-day average
Lovelady monitor well: 492.21 ft-msl

The dry conditions observed in December are continuing into the new year. As of today, 0.31 inches of rain have been collected at the District rain gauge in January, compared to the historic average of 2.0 inches for the month. Rain is predicted for today and early next week, so there is some chance for conditions to improve. Barton Springs discharge has been steadily decreasing since the big rains in October. At the current rate of decline and without any recharge, drought conditions may be reached as early as Spring.
Lovelady monitor well is reaching a peak in its hydrograph and will likely begin to exhibit a dropping trend in the coming week.
NOAA's seasonal drought outlook predicts that meteorological drought will persist or intensify in the first few months of 2014 in much of central Texas.

NOAA Seasonal Drought Outlook:

Below see a hydrograph of Lovelady well through the last few drought cycles.

Thursday, January 9, 2014

Groundwater Rise Slowing

No Drought
Barton Springs: approximately 73 cfs
Lovelady monitor well: 491.6 ft-msl

2013 ended on a dry note. In December the district rain gauge received 0.71 inches of rain, compared to the historic average of 2.5 inches. Despite dry conditions, the Lovelady monitor well hydrograph continues to rise after above-average rainfall in September and the big storms in October generated prolonged recharge to the aquifer, but is starting to slow its rate of rise. The District is currently out of drought, unlike the agencies in the surrounding area. It is important to use water resources conservatively, even in times of no drought given the fickle nature of rainfall in central Texas and the unknown long-term climate trends going into the future.