Wednesday, July 11, 2012

July Aquifer Update

Drought Status: Non-drought
Barton Springs: 77.3 cfs 10-day average
Lovelady: 154.6 ft depth to water

Recent rains over the past couple of days, ranging from 1-4 inches in the BSEACD, have helped alleviate the dryness from a very dry June. However, despite the relatively significant rainfall, very little to no runoff was generated that produced flow in the creeks. Flow in the creeks provides significant recharge to the aquifer.

Given the rate of springflow decline (0.31 cfs/day) over the past two weeks, and without significant recharge, we could expect to reach Alarm Stage Drought sometime in November.

However, conditions in the Pacific Ocean indicate El Nino conditions will develop in July-September.  That generally indicates wetter-than-normal conditions. Let's hope those tendencies hold true!