Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Llano River drying up: water supplies dwindle

Click here for a Texas Tribune story on the Llano River and the town of Llano.

Drought: Feds Declare most of Texas a Disaster Area

From KUT news (click here):

"Calling it 'one of the worst droughts in more than a century', the U.S. Department of Agriculture has named 213 of Texas’ 254 counties as primary natural disaster areas. The measure allows farmers and ranchers to apply for federal disaster aid. The remaining 41 counties also qualify for assistance because they are contiguous.

The drought could cost ranchers and farmers more than $4 billion this year, according to the Associated Press.

The Lower Colorado River Authority’s drought page says almost two-thirds of the state – and virtually all of Central Texas – is in exceptional drought, the most intense category used by the US Drought Monitor."

Texas Water Development Board Drought Maps

Click here for a variety of drought data and maps provided by the TWDB. An example of the Standardized Precipitation Index is shown.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Alarm Drought Continues

Drought Stage: Alarm Stage II Drought
Lovelady: 184.3 ft depth to water
Barton Springs: 28 cfs 10-day average

Despite the much-needed rainfall totals in the area of up to 2 inches, drought conditions persist and the rainfall only provided a very temporary relief from the hot and dry conditions. We could possibly enter into Critical Stage by August unless we receive significant rainfall, however July is normally one of our driest months, so the chance of seeing Critical levels of aquifer drought conditions is becoming more likely.

Monday, June 20, 2011

Drought in the News

"Drought settles into lower Colorado River basin"
Click here for an article from the LCRA.

"Farmers look to skies as drought drags on:
64% of state entering summer in exceptional drought"
Click here for an article from the Austin-American Statesman.

"Amid Texas Drought, High-Stakes Battle Over Water"
Click here for an article from the Texas Tribune/NY Times.

"How long will local drought continue?"

Click here for an article from San Marcos Local News.

Friday, June 17, 2011

Trinity water levels at historic low in Kendall County

The Hill Country and its primary aquifer, the Trinity aquifer, are experiencing record low water levels due to the ongoing drought. Levels are already worse than experienced in 2009. Click here for an article on this topic.

Llano River could run dry...

Add ImageThe drought is impacting surface and groundwater resources. The Austin American Statesman has an article on some of those recent impacts. Click here for the article.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Adios La Nina, hello normal hot and dry summer

The climate prediction center states that:
"ENSO-neutral conditions have developed and are expected to continue at least through the Northern Hemisphere summer 2011." (issued June 9, 2011, click here for more information)
La nina conditions generally mean a hotter and drier climatic pattern for Central Texas. Although, the return to ENSO-neutral conditions are welcome, they will not likely impact the ongoing drought in the short-term as it simply means a return to normal hot and dry summer conditions.

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Drought Continues

Alarm Stage II Drought
Barton Springs Discharge: 31 cfs 10-day average

Lovelady depth to water: 182.7 ft

A few drought-realted articles: "Drought strengthens in lower Colorado River basin" click here
"Drought grows more dire in Texas and Oklahoma" click here

The USGS ranks stream gauges as having Extreme to Moderate drought for Central Texas.