Monday, March 3, 2008

Spring 2008 Weather Forecast

Bob Rose of the LCRA released a forecast for the Spring 2008 and is paraphrased below:

"A developing drought looks to be the dominant weather story this spring across Central Texas. The latest forecast data indicates a moderate-to-strong La Nina pattern in the Pacific will likely persist into summer, causing drier than normal weather conditions across much of Texas. With the storm track staying primarily to our north, warm air will most often win out over the cold, limiting the periods of cold weather.

While cold fronts will still push into Texas throughout spring, it appears most of them will be fairly weak. Warm, almost summer-like temperatures look to make an early appearance this year. Readings in the 90s may begin showing up by April.

Rain is expected to be below normal through most of spring. Many of the cold fronts will come through with little or no rain. Even though rainfall will be below normal, I still expect a fairly active period of severe storms during April and May."