Friday, April 25, 2008

What day can I water my lawn ?!?!?!?!

Very soon we anticipate that many of our permittees will be getting frantic phone calls with questions like this from many of its end user water customers. The confusion is coming from the switch from a 5-day watering schedule to a 2/week watering schedule that the City of Austin has recently implemented and that will go into affect on May 1st.

The BSEACD feels very strongly that a 5-day watering schedule is more than sufficient to maintain most lawns and has been a schedule that most regional water customers have grown accustomed to for some time. Nonetheless, the switch was made so we all need to be prepared to help remedy this initial confusion.

Please do your part to inform all your water customers that the District will continue to maintain the 5/day watering schedule for all District groundwater users.