Thursday, May 22, 2008

Current Conditions 5/22/8

Drought Status: NO DROUGHT
Barton Springs = 44 cfs (10-day avg is 46 cfs)*
Lovelady Well = 172.8 feet

Unless we get significant rains, we are estimating entry into Alarm Stage Drought in early June.

Manchaca Rainfall (year to date, as of 5/22) = 7.9 inches

U.S. Drought Monitor indicates "abnormally dry" conditions (note, this is a meteorological drought index).

U.S. Seasonal Outlook indicates our area is within a region mapped as "some improvement" due to the fact that La Nina conditions appear to be weakening.

*recent field measurements by the District indicate Barton Springs discharge may actually be lower than currently reported, we are awaiting verification and revisions to the spring discharge by the USGS.