Monday, May 5, 2008

Summer weather 2008: Drier, warmer weather predicted the next few months

from Bob Rose, LCRA Meteorologist

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"It’s often said that Central Texas weather is one long drought interrupted by occasional floods. While this description often seems true, in reality, each year’s weather is often very different than the previous year.

In 2007, persistent, heavy rains characterized spring and summer weather. There were numerous floods and for the first time in 10 years, all of Texas was declared drought-free. But the wet weather didn’t last long. By late 2007, rain had become scarce and in 2008, drought returned to a large part of Texas, including the Hill Country and most of Central Texas. This summer, much drier weather than last year is expected.

The return of drier than normal weather can be attributed in part to the development of a weather phenomenon known as La Niña. In a La Niña, the Jet Stream is pushed north of its normal position and replaced by a large area of stable high pressure. This high pressure area limits the number of storms crossing our region, resulting in lower than normal rain. A weak La Nina will continue into the summer, which should result in drier than normal weather from late spring into summer. But keep in mind the weather won’t be totally dry. The month of May is typically the stormiest and wettest of the entire year and we’re likely to see a few storms from time to time. Temperatures this spring and summer are shaping up to be very warm, much warmer than they were last summer. Look for readings to hit the upper 90s to 100 degrees beginning in June."