Thursday, August 28, 2008

Alarm Drought Continues

Drought Status: Alarm

Both Drought Triggers remain below their respective thresholds:
  • Barton Springs = 27 cfs (10-day avg)
  • Lovelady Well = 186.7 feet
Although the recent rainfall has been welcome, not enough rain fell within the contributing watersheds to produce sustained runoff in the creeks that cross the recharge zone. Although flow at Barton Springs has jumped up a few cfs, this is only a temporary rise from the minor recharge that did occur. The levels in the Lovelady well continue their downward trend as we approach Critical Stage drought.

Alarm Stage Drought requires a reduction of 20% of normal monthly water usage by permit holders. Critical Stage drought will require a reduction of 30%.
We further ask all who use groundwater to conserve water to help maintain water levels and springflow.