Friday, October 23, 2009

Alarm Stage Drought Declared

Last night (10.22.9) the Board of Directors voted to down-grade the drought status from Critical to Alarm Stage based on the status of the District's two drought indicators, Barton Springs and the Lovelady Well.

Barton Springs is averaging near 50 cfs, well above its drought thresholds. In a matter of days the water level in the Lovelady will cross its Alarm Stage threshold of 192.1 ft depth to water. Given the current data and trends, and rather than wait weeks until the next Board Meeting, the Board voted to change the status to Alarm.

However, despite these rains, we are not completely out of the drought--Alarm still requires 20% conservation. A recent article by the Austin American Statesman has a similar conclusion, click here to read more.

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