Monday, December 14, 2009

On the verge of non-drought conditions.

The Lovelady depth to water today is about 176.71 ft. The level is rising about 0.3 ft/day. Given that rate of rise, the water level should cross it's drought threashold of 175.0 feet by December 19th or so. Barton Springs discharge is reported to be 61 cfs, but a USGS field measurement a few days ago was 73 cfs.

A word of caution, although we are most likely to be out of drought conditions soon, we haven't had a rainfall event to sustain creekflow. We might be back into drought next summer without more significant rains. For example, Onion creek currently is not flowing across the entire recharge zone. However, conditions are good for that to occur if we get some significant rainfall this winter.

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