Thursday, April 28, 2011

Stage II Alarm Drought Declaration pending Board Meeting Tonight

Barton Springs Flow: 36.9 cfs 10-day average (38 cfs is Alarm threshold)
Lovelady: 176.5 ft depth to water (175.0 ft is the Alarm threshold)

With one of the driest 6-7 month periods on record, both drought triggers are below their respective Alarm Stage II thresholds. The District Board will meet tonight (Thursday 4/28) and will review the drought information and likely make the drought declaration official.

Alarm Stage II drought requires a 20% reduction from normal monthly use for those that hold permits to pump water from the Barton Springs segment of the Edwards Aquifer. Restricting outdoor irrigation is one common measure to achieve that reduction goal. Domestic well owners are also asked to conserve water by reducing outdoor irrigation among other conservation practices.

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