Saturday, February 4, 2012

Continuing winter wet trend helps alleviate drought conditions... a little bit

November-January have all seen above average rainfall for Central Texas. The recent rains have resulted in a down-grading of the meteorological drought severity index in central Texas according to the US Drought monitor (click here for a map). Parts of Travis and Hays Counties are now listed as "extreme to severe" rather than "exceptional" drought status.

Although the aquifer remains in Critical Stage drought, the recent rains have provided some modest recharge. The rains last night provided additional runoff and resulting recharge--Onion Creek appears to have some flow in the creek today. It is possible that the aquifer might receive enough recharge to move up one drought stage to Alarm in the next few weeks. However that will only be short-lived if the creeks don't continue to flow. We'll have to wait and see how the aquifer responds from this latest rainfall. However, we should note that we are still in a drought, and with La Nina projected into the Spring, and with summer (and heaving pumping) approaching, we have to continue to be conservative with water and our drought declarations.

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