Thursday, March 22, 2012

Aquifer Update

Barton Springs: ~100 cfs flow estimated (90 cfs 10-day average)
Lovelady well: 175.1 ft (and rising)

The past 5 months of above-average rain have been the cure for the most intense one year drought in recorded history. We've had about 21 inches of rain over the past 5 months that have produced significant flow within our creeks and streams and provided a much-needed relief from drought conditions. It is anticipated at the 3/22/12 Board Meeting the District will declare non-Drought conditions based on the two drought triggers rising above their respective triggers.

And while the Edwards Aquifer has seen conditions improve dramatically, other areas of the State and the aggricultural sector is still suffering in some areas. Click here to read an article on that subject.

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