Thursday, October 31, 2013

Another Rain Bomb

Stage II Alarm Drought

As of the time of this posting 2 to 9+ inches of rain have fallen on the recharge and contributing zones of the Barton Springs Edwards Aquifer. This morning many of the area's creeks and rivers are flowing at flood stages similar (or greater) in magnitude to those brought about by the storm event on October 13th.

 Blanco River at Wimberley experienced a rise exceeding 20 ft and about 66,000 cfs (much more than the Oct 13). Onion Creek at Driftwood saw over 12 ft of rise and reached about 12,700 cfs (also much bigger than the Oct 13). Slaughter Creek rose to about 11 ft and flowed at 3,500 cfs (about the same as Oct 13 so far) Barton Creek at 360 had a 12+ ft rise, 8,500 cfs (less than Oct 13)

Some of the creeks may continue to rise throughout the day. 

This rain may have produced enough recharge to remove drought conditions in the coming weeks. 

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