Thursday, January 8, 2015

Groundwater Levels Continue Fluctuating

Stage II Alarm Drought
Lovelady Monitor Well: 472.99 ft-msl
Barton Springs: 55 cfs 10-day average

The timing and magnitude of the rains over the fall and winter months have led to a continuation of odd water level oscillations that have characterized the Lovelady monitor well hydrograph over the past year (see Image). Since big rains at the end of November (the District office received over 4 inches over the course of 2 days) groundwater levels have been rising but appear to be tapering off. Currently, conditions are good for the rains predicted for this weekend to generate runoff in the creeks that flow over the recharge zone. Barton Creek is the only area creek that is presently flowing at a substantial rate, but if the rain causes flow in the other creeks it may boost water levels in the aquifer. 

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