Thursday, March 26, 2015

Creeks Flowing, Groundwater Rising in our Area

No Drought
Lovelady: 492.1 ft-msl
Barton Springs: approximately 92 cfs 10-day average

Groundwater levels continue to rise thanks to the overall rainy conditions experienced in March. Many area streams that flow over the recharge zone of the Barton Springs segment of the Edwards aquifer have seen several periods of prolonged flow, thus providing a relatively steady input to the groundwater supply. Except for one week in December, Barton Creek has been flowing since late November 2014. According to the USGS Onion creek gauge near Driftwood, TX, flow in the creek has not dropped below 20 cfs since the end of December. As it flows east over the Barton Springs Edwards aquifer recharge zone, Onion creek steadily loses water to the aquifer via fractures and karst features located in the creek bed, and by the time it gets to the eastern edge of the recharge zone, has lost all of its water to the aquifer. 

Despite the overall good conditions in the Barton Springs segment of the Edwards aquifer, it is important to remember that other parts of the state are still under severe drought and the we are very much at the mercy of where and when the rain falls. For instance, many of the lakes in the Highland lake system are far below their full capacity and the Edwards Aquifer Authority has a drought declaration in place. 

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