Wednesday, April 6, 2016

April 2016 Edwards & Trinity Aquifers Update

No Drought
Lovelady well height: 529.55 ft-msl (123.87 ft-Depth to Water)
Barton Springs: approximately 103 cfs 10-day average

The effects of increased rainfall through much of the past year (52 in since last April) have been evidenced by increased water levels in the Edwards and Trinity Aquifers. The graphic below depicts the rise in water level in the BSEACD Lovelady monitor well since May of 2015. The steady rise in water levels since November 2015 almost came to an end at the beginning of March 2016 when 3 inches of rain over a four-day period brought more recharge to the Edwards Aquifer. This additional rainfall caused flow in the creeks that pass over the recharge zone to increase, thereby increasing recharge to the aquifer. And, water levels in Lovelady are rising again, but slowly.
Notably, water levels at the Lovelady well are currently at their highest mark since 2007 when a depth to water of 126.1 ft was recorded. 

As an indicator of recharge to the Trinity Aquifer, Jacob’s Well Spring has benefitted from the wet 2015 and has maintained flow greater than 10 cubic feet per second (cfs) through the beginning of 2016 but flow, similar to other streams and springs, is now beginning to recede.

In the long term, the presently-strong El NiƱo has begun visibly weakening, according to NOAA. This weakening could lead to decreased rainfall, decreased stream flow, and decreased groundwater levels. That said, the April rainfall total is already a quarter of an inch (0.27 in) five days into the month and meteorologists predict more rain to come.

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