Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Need More Rain to Improve Drought Status

Drought Status: Stage II Alarm
Barton Springs: 28.6 cfs (10 average)
Lovelady well: 468 ft-msl

The precipitation received this week is a welcome respite from the overall dry conditions that have prevailed in the area this winter. The District's rain gauge reads about 2.5 inches received over the past 48 hours (Jan. 8 and 9). However, the rains have not been substantial enough to generate any considerable amount of runoff in the creeks over the contributing or recharge zones of the Edwards Aquifer. Most of the water went to replenishing soil moisture.  Despite not generating runoff, the recent rains have primed soil moisture conditions for generating recharge to the aquifer in the event of more precipitation in the next few weeks.

According to the National Weather Service the outlook for more precipitation in central Texas in January and February is not promising, having predicted drought conditions to "persist or intensify". If dry conditions persist, it is likely that the aquifer will enter Critical Stage III drought in March. 

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