Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Aquifer Levels Rising... for now

Stage II Alarm Drought
Barton Springs: 70 cfs
Lovelady: 475.5 ft-msl

After last week's soaking, creeks in the area experienced sustained flow, and as a result a substantial amount of recharge occurred. The LCRA gauge on Onion Creek at Buda crested at about 8 feet and was flowing at about 1700 cfs in what had been a virtually dry creek bed  before the rain. As of now, most creeks have either stopped flowing or are carrying only a meager amount of water (1cfs in Onion Creek at Buda). The heavy rain was a welcome departure from the dry norm set this spring and although water level in the District's Lovelady monitor well is on the rise, it is unlikely to rise above its drought threshold without more rain. The current drought declaration is based solely on Lovelady monitor well water level as discharge at Barton Springs is currently at around 70 cfs, considerably above its drought threshold of 38 cfs. Even though these rains were likely not enough to remove drought conditions, they will have certainly put off entering deeper stage of drought by a couple of weeks. 

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