Thursday, June 12, 2014

Rainy May Recharges Aquifer

Stage II Alarm Drought
Lovelady Monitor Well: 477.60 ft-msl
Barton Springs Discharge: 67 cfs 10-day average

May brought much needed rain, in above average amounts. The District office received 8.35 inches last month, almost twice the historic average of 4.35 inches. The last set of storms in May, which occurred over the course of 6 consecutive days, dropped 4.5 inches of rain. As a result, water levels in the aquifer have been on the rise, but the rate at which they are doing so is starting to taper off and will start dropping in the coming days without more rain (see figure below). District staff does not expect water levels to reach the Drought threshold of 478.4 ft-msl before the dropping trend starts. Despite the quenching rains in last month, the 6-month total rainfall remains about 4 inches below average, hopefully the summer months follow suit with May and bring steady rains.

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